About MedApp

Shaping the future of medicine

We are an innovative company offering unique, new-generation telemedicine solutions. Telemedicine, based on technology enabling the patient’s health condition to be monitored at a distance, is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. According to forecasts presented in the mHealth Intelligence report, the value of the global mHealth market (mobile healthcare applications) will grow from $10.3bn in 2016 to $49.1bn in 2020.

The CarnaLife analytical telemedicine system is a product created and developed by MedApp which currently recognizes over 20 irregularities in EKG signals. The modules in our system, specially designed for use by patients, medical specialists and healthcare institutions, are backed by smart, cloud-based biomedical algorithms.

HoloLens technology

Using the HoloLens technology developed by Microsoft, we enable interventional cardiologists to diagnose the patient’s heart in real time based on holographic data transmitted by our system.

The universality and technological advancement of our product means that it will find applications not only in cardiology, but also in diabetes, dietetics, diseases of civilization and chronic illnesses. We also expect dynamic growth thanks to use of the CarnaLife system in eldercare.

The CE certification gained in June 2017 confirmed that we are prepared for commercial launch of CarnaLife products on the dynamically growing mHealth market in the European Union.

Considering the degree of advancement of our product, we can confidently say that we have displayed exceptional effectiveness and extraordinary skill at managing innovations. There are countless examples around the world where comparable achievements required many years of work. Our effectiveness results mainly from bold application of the latest Microsoft technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence and cross-platform software.

Our resources
An essential foundation for our success is also exceptional cooperation between the two worlds of science and business.

Continual creation of new innovations is made possible by the engagement and passion of the firm’s scientific personnel. The computer scientists, programmers, engineers and managers of MedApp create a team capable of competing confidently with its peers.

Thanks to numerous appearances at scientific and industry conferences in Poland and abroad, including the United States and Asia, we have built our position as experts in the telemedicine sector. Our listing on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange provides additional credibility to our initiatives. It not only gives us access to capital, but also provides us with a market valuation.