Large clinics

Large clinics

The CarnaLife analytical telemedicine system gives large clinics the possibility of better management of their patients, creation of a new revenue stream, an expanded range of services and increased quality of care.

Advantages for the clinic:

  • Expanded offer of cardiological diagnostic services for patients
  • Diversification of revenue
  • Larger group of satisfied patients
  • Cost of tests for the patient remains unchanged
  • Greater number of tests performed
  • Additional tool for monitoring patients’ health, setting the clinic apart from its competitors
  • Possibility of providing telemedicine services for other clinics
  • Mobile access (Android, iOS, Windows) for every member of the clinic staff
  • Administrative account for management of patients and users
  • Digital repository of tests

What we offer:

  • Margin pricing depending on the number of tests generated
  • Supply of professional medical equipment
  • Ongoing servicing of equipment and software
  • Staff training
  • Continuous service