Small and medium-sized clinics

Small and medium-sized clinics

Small and medium-sized facilities can provide inexpensive telemedicine services. Even if they do not provide cardiological services themselves, with the CarnaLife system they can expand their package to include additional EKG tests on- or off-site. Thanks to home monitoring of patients, mid-sized clinics will have additional capacity for new patients waiting for healthcare.

Advantages for the clinic:

  • Expanded offer of cardiological diagnostic services for patients
  • Diversification of revenue
  • Larger group of satisfied patients
  • Cost of tests for the patient remains unchanged
  • Greater number of tests performed
  • Additional tool for monitoring patients’ health, setting the clinic apart from its competitors
  • Possibility of providing telemedicine services for other clinics
  • Mobile access (Android, iOS, Windows) for every member of the clinic staff
  • Administrative account for management of patients and users
  • Digital repository of tests

What we offer:

  • Margin pricing depending on the number of tests generated
  • Supply of professional medical equipment
  • Ongoing servicing of equipment and software
  • Staff training
  • Continuous service

Cooperation is possible without incurring high costs of maintaining infrastructure or purchasing expensive medical equipment.