MedApp became the official partner of Microsoft


MedApp has been included in the Microsoft Mixed Reality (MR) program, becoming the official partner of the Redmond giant in the development of MR technology. Thanks to this, the company will gain new development opportunities, increasing, among others chances for effective foreign expansion.

This is a special event because we will be one of the few entities in the program that offers services related to health care. It summarizes our long-term cooperation and confirms the maturity of our solutions. At the same time, it opens up a number of new opportunities for us. Thanks to Microsoft’s support, we will not only get permanent access to the latest developments in the field of MR, but we will also gain broader business perspectives, including related to foreign expansion.

Mateusz Kierepka, CEO

MR, or mixed reality, connects the real world with the virtual world in order to obtain visualizations in which physical and digital objects co-exist and interact. Integral part of this technology are HoloLens goggles produced by Microsoft. The CarnaLife Holo software offered by MedApp displays data from traditional tests (computed tomography or magnetic resonance) in the form of a three-dimensional holographic image and is available in the basic version for free at the Microsoft Store. This technique has already been tested in natural clinical conditions, and its current users are demanding it – experts.

Last year, MedApp received 30,000 from Microsoft. USD to expand the functionality of CarnaLife Holo system and to create three-dimensional images of the brain, chest, cardiovascular system, liver and lungs.

Remote diagnostics of health condition, supported by modern IT tools, is the future of medicine, especially cardiology. The MedApp solutions integrated with HoloLens goggles allow static organs to be viewed dynamically. As a result, doctors can better prepare for treatments, and their time can be significantly shortened.

Jakub Kamiński, Director of 3D Technology