HOLO Project

We are still working on improvement of the CarnaLife Holo module, but its level of advancement already permits commercialization, as confirmed by the CE certification obtained in June 2017.

Moreover, it has been tested under natural conditions. In May 2017, an ablation of the base of an atrial fibrillation was performed in the electrophysiology workshop of the cardiology clinic at the Medical University of Warsaw (as a permanent treatment for cardiac arrhythmia), during which medical personnel in Poland were presented for the first time with the capabilities of the CarnaLife analytical telemedicine system. And in June, in cooperation with Prof. Dariusz Dudek, during the European Internet Forum debate at the European Parliament, the world’s first international holographic teletransmission was conducted. It was done between a HoloLens device in Kraków and three instruments in Belgium, and each user of the glasses could see the same image of the heart in real time. It can truly be said that these were groundbreaking moments for medical consultation and diagnostics.